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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you going to mail a Locker Key to me?
A: No! Please bring your Payment Receipt to the Event, and we will exchange it for your Locker Key at our Check-In Tent, which is inside the venue.
Q: What do I need to bring to the Festival to Receive my Locker Key?
A: Please print your Payment Receipt. You will see it on your screen when you order the Locker. Please bring a Paper Copy of the Payment Receipt printout with you to the Festival. If you have trouble printing it, please email LockerLou@LockerLou.com.
Q: Do you Guarantee to hold my Locker Reservation?
A: Yes. We will hold your Locker Reservation throughout the entire day until you claim it.
Q: Will you explain the Key Deposit one more time?
A: Let's use the Medium Locker as an example. We charge $35.00. You bring the Payment Receipt to the Locker Check-In Tent. You receive a Locker Key and keep it for one day. When you return the Locker Key to us you immediately receive $10 cash back. Your Net Total Cost for the Medium Locker for one day is $25.00. You’ll leave the Festival with $10 in your pocket - gas money for the drive home.
Q: I hate lines …
A: We all hate lines.  Please help us be efficient.  Please Print your Payment Receipt and present it at the Check-In Tent.
When it’s time to go home all Key and Lock Deposit Refunds are issued quickly.  Just give the Locker Key to one of us, and we’ll hand you a $10 bill.  No forms, No ID’s, No Complications. It took more time to read this answer than it will to exchange your Key for $10.  Sometimes there’s a line, but it moves fast, and it won’t take long to get your money.
Q: Where is the Locker Check-In Tent?
A: The Locker Check-In Tent is located on the upper rim of the Polo Field, across from the "Lands End" main stage.  Event Staff can point you in the right direction, and we’ll post a map you can download - as soon as one is available.  If you’re lost just call: (800) 827-1692 and we’ll direct you to the Lockers.
Q: Will I be able to use the Locker anytime I want?
A: YOU MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND FOR THE EVENT TO ACCESS THE LOCKERS. Our current arrangement with the Festival allows you to access the lockers as many times as you wish WHILE YOU ARE INSIDE THE FESTIVAL. When the Event is over each night, the grounds are closed, and you will NOT be able to access the Lockers.
Q: How Big are the Lockers?
A: Please review the "Reserve" Page for the Locker dimensions.
Q: Can I pay for the Lockers at the Event?
A: Maybe. There is a fixed supply of Lockers - and all of them are available on-line right now.  Every Locker will probably be reserved on-line before the Festival begins.  No one knows for sure.  If the lockers sellout on-line, there may be a limited number of Lockers available to rent at the Festival - Don't count on it.
If you Reserve Your Locker NOW, We Guarantee to Hold Your Reservation for the Entire Day.

Q: If I can't make it to the Festival, or don't need my Locker Reservation, can I get a refund?
A: Yes!  Please reach out to us by email or in person at the Event as soon as your plans change. No Refund will be issued after the Festival Day is over.
Q: What happens if I lose my Key?
A: If you lose the Key, you will forfeit the $10 deposit. You will receive a new Key and will need to pay another refundable $10 deposit. Once you return the new key, you will receive the second deposit back. If you find your "lost" Key, you’ll receive your original deposit back too.
Q: Can I charge my Phone or Tablet?
A: Yes, we’ll have a Charging Station inside our Tent.  The Charging Station will have a limited number of Private Laptop Lockers, with electrical outlets, which will be available to accommodate phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops.

Private Laptop Lockers allow our customers to charge mobile technology devices in a secure environment.  They provide temporary storage while you recharge your phone, tablet, camera, or laptop, etc. for approximately an hour.  Each individual compartment locks and unlocks using its very own patron key.  The door is 4.5” High with a 13.5” Wide clear opening. The shelf is 16.5” Deep.

The Charging Station will be located inside our Tent.  There is no additional fee to recharge your device after you rent Any Size Locker.  We only ask that you limit use to one hour, so we can share this complimentary service with as many Locker Guests as possible.
Q: Does Locker Lou Have Mobile Chargers?
A: A Limited Number of Mobile Chargers are available at the Tent for Locker Guests to use during the Day.
Q: Can I get more than One Key for My Locker?
A: Only One Key is issued for Each Medium Locker.
Q: Do I bring my own Padlock?
A: NO!  You cannot use your own Lock.
Q: What happens if I forget my Payment Receipt?
A: Please Print and Bring a Hard Copy of Your Receipt to Avoid Complications.   Now is the Time to Repeat the LockerLou Mantra: "I will Print and Bring my Payment Receipt." "I will Print and Bring my Payment Receipt." "I will Print and Bring my Payment Receipt."